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Caution: This will transform your skin (for the better), proceed with confidence.

Let’s take a mini break from fashion to discuss skin, and by skin I mean my skin. I have THE most unruly combination skin that breaks out from almost EVERYTHING, which causes me to wear more makeup in return. I eat pretty healthy, drink lots of water, stay away from sodas, exercise, wash my face every night, and do weekly face masks, but to no avail, my skin doesn’t budge. I’ve been meaning to try a face peel for a while now, in hopes it’d solve this problem once and for all, but with hundreds of options out there, the decision-making process becomes overwhelming. Ever since a friend of mine recommended OLE HENRIKSEN’s Pick Me Up Toner, I’ve looked into trying more of this genius’ products and I’m so happy that I did. I can’t express how amazing this 3 step Power Peel is - there is without a doubt a huge difference in my skin’s appearance and texture; smooth and glowing. The compliments have officially started rolling in…

The break down:

Almond Polish (step 1) smells fantastic and is rough, which actually does a great job at scrubbing your skin to abrade it. 

Lemon Strip (step 2), again, smells amazing, and it burns - which means it’s working!!!

Chamomile Comfort (step 3), goes over the lemon strip after 2 min, cools and soothes your skin so you can tolerate having it on for 30 min.

You can purchase your own little miracle packets here

*FYI you can also purchase them in jars versus packets, but I love how the packets are pre-measured for you.

I’m currently trying out these other products from OLE, and so far so incredible. I now swear by all of his products…seriously.

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