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As I get older, my makeup routine becomes simpler, quicker, and much more au naturale. I prefer a fresh face or barely-there neutral colors versus a “mask” as I call it. I find that girls who hardly wear makeup not only look younger (at the moment and down the line), but look more beautiful. Stop trying to fight your face!  Let it shine ladies…and gents? There’s nothing wrong with hiding a blemish here and there, touching up the shape of your brows if need be, and maybe adding a little blush if you lack pigment, but GO EASY, KEEP IT SIMPLE. (Guys prefer that anyway!)

I found the perfect lipstick shade for everyday that is your own lip color but BETTER! Meet: Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in #54 Boy. It’s soft and gentle with a subtle hue that accentuates your natural color. Perfection? I think so!

This photo from backstage gives you a better idea of how it looks on the lips -  it’s as if they are wearing a creamy chapstick. 


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