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The under-eye eyeliner.

On my lash line, on my waterline, on the outer corners, I love eyeliner everywhere! While everyone seems to want to brighten their under eyes these days, I want to darken things up. Maybe Marchesa Casati was in mind, or Barbara Palvin (pictured), but without question, the look wasn’t appropriate for everyday wear. After trying out Maybelline’s highly advertised new “Master Smoky Longwearing Shadow-Pencil” my problem was solved. Glides right on with full pigmentation and you can use the smudge tip on opposite end or your finger to get the “smokey” effect; fool-proof. 

Pictured, I am wearing no eyeshadow, no foundation or blush, just the eyeliner under my eyes and L’oreal Mascara. As for my lips, I have on a lip tint from LORAC’s Berry Kisses Palette.

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